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Heat Pump

Reversible Air to Water Heat Pump

  • The reversible air to water heat pump is a combined air-conditioning and water heating system. It can be installed conveniently to help customers reduce investment costs. Multi-system design is conductive to great reduction of operating costs.

  • This product is equipped with a high-efficiency scroll compressor, featuring superb stability. Its coefficient of performance, abbreviated as COP, reaches up to 6.5. Its service life is ultra long. In addition, the commercial air source heating system can be freely combined. It is designed with optional modes in different weathers. This product is now considered as the most energy-saving and eco-friendly air conditioning water heater around the world.
Water to Water Heat Pump
  • The water source heat pump comes with a scroll compressor, featuring high efficiency and low vibration. As a modular heat pump, it can be freely combined. Either the same or different models can be connected in parallel at will. The failure of any module within the system does not affect the use of other units. Our product has perfect fault diagnosis and protection functions. Therefore, the multifunction heating unit is operated conveniently.

  • In comparison with common air-source heat pumps, the water source heat pump has the features of small flow and large temperature difference on hot water side. It can obtain an ultra-high water outlet temperature under condition of relatively low water inlet temperature.
  • As a heat pump air conditioning unit, this product removes the need of heat cycling between a water tank and the water source heat pump, which contributes to the reduction of circulation pipelines and the improvement of thermal efficiency. In contrast with a circulating unit, this energy-efficient heating system can achieve higher energy efficiency ratio and also reduce initial investment costs.
Air to Air Heat Pump

The air to air heat pump is designed with air-cooled modules for improved control precision and reliability. It allows a single controller to automatically control multiple module units. This modular heat pump unit can save lots of electric energy by adjusting the load distribution of the heat exchange amount of air-cooled modules uniformly. Also, it is monitored automatically to make users feel at ease.

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