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  ::   Air Cooled HE
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  ::   Plate Heat Exchanger ( PHE )
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  ::   Water Cooled Chiller
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  ::   Air Cooled Chiller
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  ::   Evaporator & Condenser

  ::   Heat Pump



The advantages of Brazed PHE  :

Compact structure and easy Installation

  • Made of thin plates
  • High heat exchangeing coefficient
  • Small liquid retardation

Ligh in weight

  • 20% ~ 30% of shell and tube heat exchanger

Small consumption of water

  • Only need  1/3 of shell and tube heat exchanger


  • Withstand high temperature 400 C and high pressure until 45 bar


Advantages of Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger

Cross Temperature

  • Plate Heat Exchanger can be use for Cross Temperature case , that can not be done with

Shell and tube heat exchanger .
Gasket plate heat exchanger is compact size with the compact design

  • They just need  22 ~ 50 % less space in the system than a comperable shell & tube heat exchanger.
  • So they  require up to 75 % less cooling media , you just need a smaller pump that will consume energy .

Easy mantenace

  • When cleaning is nedded , gasket plate heat exchanger can easy be opened , giving
  • Access to the surface , use pressure water or certain liquid clean .

Brochure ... ( PDF Format , 3.5 MB )




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