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Air Cooled HE

    Shell & Tube HE

    Plate Heat Exchanger

    Heat Recovery

    Water Cooled Chiller

    Air Cooled Chiller

    Fin Tube

    Heat Pump

    Absorption Chiller

    Hanbell Compressor

  ::   Air Cooled HE
* Fin Tube Coil.pdf
* Plate Fin Coil.pdf

  ::   Shell & Tube He
* Tubular Heat Exchanger.pdf

  ::   Plate Heat Exchanger ( PHE )
* Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.pdf
* Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger.pdf

  ::   Heat Recovery
* Boiler Economizer.pdf
* Refrigerant Heat Recovery.pdf

  ::   Water Cooled Chiller
* Water Cooled Recip Chiller.pdf
* Water Cooled Srew Chiller H.pdf

  ::   Air Cooled Chiller
* Air Cooled Recip Chiller.pdf
* Air Cooled Screw Chiller.pdf
* Air Cooled Scroll Chiller.pdf

  ::   Evaporator & Condenser

  ::   Heat Pump


Our History
PT. METALINDO PRIMA ENGINEERING was established in 1984 our company is specialized in Central Air conditioning and Refrigeration contractor , we also fabrication water chilling unit , Evaporator and water cooled Condenser .
In 1990 we fabricating customized of Heat Transfer Equipment and Water Chilling Unit

Our Market
Our market is in Industrial , Chemical Industry , Pharmaceutical Industry , Food and Beverages Process Industry , Edible Oil Process Industry , Hotel , Hospital and other various Industries .

Our Product
Our manufacturing facility is capable fabricating or remanufacturing of :

  1. Design and manufacture shell and tube exchangers
  2. Remanufacture of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger or Tubular Heat Exchanger
  3. Replacement tube bundles
  4. Retubing Heat Exchanger ( Repair and Service )
  5. Pressure Vessel
  6. Water Chilling Unit
  7. Incinerator
  8. Drying and Cooling process Plant
Our vision and mission
Our commitment is to become the leader in Energy Saving Equipments manufacturing
We are committed to our tradition of manufacturing and service excellence with high quality product and comprehensive after sales service to make customer satisfaction in global markets.

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