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Waste Heat Recovery – Thermo Q

Refrigerant Heat Recovery
  • Increases your Chiller Efficiency
  • Get free Hot Water with Recovery
Refrigerant Hot Gas Heat recovery is the beneficial use waste of heat from Condenser of water Chilling Unit or Air Conditioner . Technologies that recover heat energy reduce the cost and consumption of energy in commercial and institutional buildings. The recaptured energy is potentially useful for heating dehumidifying , process water or water heating.

Brochure ... ( PDF Format , 338 KB )

Boiler Economizer
  • Increases your Boiler Efficiency
  • Saving Energy 5 ~ 10 %
  • Easy to Install
Flue gas heat recovery increases boiler efficiency. The flow of waste gas from old and new boiler systems contains a considerable heat potential, which should not remain unused for economic reasons. For flue gas heat recovery, here fore uses devices known as Economizers, with highly efficient convection passes. Flame-tube smoke-tube boilers of all sizes can be easily equipped with an Economizer for flue gas heat recovery, or retrofitted in the case of old systems.

More Info ... ( PDF Format , 199 KB )

Other Heat Recovery :

Exhaust gas Heat Recovery
Flue Gas Heat Recovery
Waste Gas Heat recovery
Waste Water Heat Recovery

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