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Air Cooled HE

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    Plate Heat Exchanger

    Heat Recovery

    Water Cooled Chiller

    Air Cooled Chiller

    Fin Tube

    Heat Pump

    Absorption Chiller

    Hanbell Compressor

  ::   Air Cooled HE
* Fin Tube Coil.pdf
* Plate Fin Coil.pdf

  ::   Shell & Tube He
* Tubular Heat Exchanger.pdf

  ::   Plate Heat Exchanger ( PHE )
* Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger.pdf
* Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger.pdf

  ::   Heat Recovery
* Boiler Economizer.pdf
* Refrigerant Heat Recovery.pdf

  ::   Water Cooled Chiller
* Water Cooled Recip Chiller.pdf
* Water Cooled Srew Chiller H.pdf

  ::   Air Cooled Chiller
* Air Cooled Recip Chiller.pdf
* Air Cooled Screw Chiller.pdf
* Air Cooled Scroll Chiller.pdf

  ::   Evaporator & Condenser

  ::   Heat Pump


Air Cooled Heat Exchanger - Thermo Q
Fin Tube

Radiator use in many industrial applications and it’s an important part in process, both in Cooling or Heating. We design and manufacture many type of Radiators, for Low or High Temperature, used for many kind of process. Radiator used in so wide in industry and so many size and type of material or size in used, we always keep in stock a wide range of Finned Tube or fast delivery.

Brochure ... ( PDF Format , 883 KB )

Plate Fin Coil

applied to be very wide in process of cooler and also heater like  :
  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Air Cooler
  • Air Heater
  • Air dryer
  • Compress air cooler
  • Gas cooler
Brochure ... ( PDF Format , 183 KB )

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