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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger - Thermo Q

PT. Metalindo E Engineering has custom designed and fabricated Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers of various metallurgies for installation in various industries.
Many units are designed for operating under high pressure and critical conditions.
We has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers of carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome, high alloys, nickel alloys and other special metals.
All units are designed in aid of computer to meet specific requirements of each end user. They are also designed in accordance with international codes and standard such as ASME and TEMA .

Shell and Tube HE
We can partially or completely re-tube heat exchanger, if it cannot be restored. This applies to all types of shell and tube heat exchangers. We can re-manufacture new cooler rapidly from our huge database of engineering drawings.

Brochure ... ( PDF Format , 923 KB )
NH 3 Condenser
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